Friday, March 8, 2013

Is Google Plus The Most Important Social Network?

Aligning Mint Social's digital assets into the Google+ model
is a necessity for all online businesses. Yes, having to keep up with yet another social networking site seems like a trivial thing but this one is from Google and this social network is here to stay. Get started is not going away.

We see Google Plus as the head of the Google empire, like the head of an octopus, that pulls all things Google under one integrated system; Blogger, Picasa, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, SMS, Reviews, AdWords, etc. It has also been described as the fiber mesh that gets thrown over all of Google's products to make it a bundled solution. Therefore, to feed the octopus, you need to go out an claim all of your digital assets and atribute them to your Google Plus account.

Google+ is much like Facebook in that your personal account is the key to the network. There are personal and business pages and they behave independent of one another...just like Facebook. Learn more about getting the best results with your Google+ account.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Life in The Cloud with a Google Chromebook 550

Google Chromebook 550 Review - It is a fast, light-weight device with long battery life that does just about everything I need but does take some getting used to. Full review -