Thursday, December 6, 2012

Looking Ahead - Content Marketing and Social Media Plan for 2013

Like many others, we consultants want to share with you what we know about the web landscape, how innovations can help drive your social media marketing. What should we should expect in 2013 in the overall webscape of social media, content marketing, mobile and more. 

One trend we will see in 2013 is that your company's behavior, practices and consistency online in social, content and marketing will matter more in 2013 than ever before. Social media experts and web marketers everywhere are wondering...
  • What's next in the mobile web? What's next in mobile device payments?
  • What innovations in small business content and web marketing will we see more of in 2013? 
  • Will Google+ finally fulfill its ambitions with online users?
  • Does Pinterest matter for content marketing? How can companies best use the photo service? 
  • Where and how does Facebook fit into all of this? 
Let's check out what some of the top names in Internet marketing are finding:

- Ryan Holmes (Hootsuite's CEO) described his thoughts on expected social web trends in 2013 to Fast Company. In the article, Holmes noted some obvious factors we've already seen plenty of in 2012, like continued growth for mobile social media usage and social advertising.

I think we're so already there in 2012, with everyone I know checking social media feeds and content opportunities online using their mobile devices. And need I say more about the ubiquity (and irritability) of social advertising? It's already here, especially if you're downloading free apps.

But one area stuck out from the Fast Company article: how social media education is going to become more formalized in companies. I think that's a good thing. Holmes writes:

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