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Should Businesses Get Serious About Google Plus?

Over the last month the process of aligning Mint Social's digital assets into the Google+ model has grabbed a lot of my attention and time. The last thing anyone wants to do, even one in the business, is  having to keep up with yet another social networking site. In this case, get started is not going away.

Google+ has been described as the fiber mesh that gets thrown over all of Google's products to make it a bundled solution. Thank you Tim Moore of CrushIQ for that great visual that you shared at our last @JoinAZIMA event. 

Google+ is much like Facebook in that your personal account is the key to the network. There are personal and business pages and they behave independent of one another...just like Facebook. Here are four key points for getting started right with Google Plus...

Comments from Google+

CrushIQ originally shared this post:
Is +Google+ a Fad or a Trend

In this month’s #AZIMA event in Phoenix, Arizona, keynote +Tim Moore,+CrushIQ CEO, described Google+ as a ‘digital fiber mesh’ over all of Google’s products to make it a bundled solution.

Read his excellent recommendations for all marketers here in Mint Social's +Matthew O'Brien's blog post :

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Thank you +Matthew O'Brien for such a nice writeup. I'm glad it was valuable to the Arizona businesses!

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Mint Social

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Google+ Business Pages...Better Than Facebook?

Are businesses paying attention to the importance of +Google+ pages? The SEO and social media benefits combined into one tool, Google's bundled solution,  should be enough motivation to get active.

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Elise RedlinYesterday 9:19 AM

Nice post, Matt. +Tim Moore 's presentation inspired me to do one too!

Matthew O'BrienYesterday 10:06 AMEdit

+Arnie Kuenn +Thomas Tenkely +Tim Moore  +Steve Heideman +Fred Willey +Bryant Garvin  I think you all agree Google+ is a trendsetter and not a 'Fad'. How will this impact the other social networks for our time and attention?

Tim MooreYesterday 10:07 AM  -  Share
+Matthew O'Brien +Elise Redlin You guys are awesome!

Matthew O'BrienYesterday 10:08 AMEdit

You inspired many into action +Tim Moore! The mark of a great presentation!
Steve HeidemanYesterday 12:38 PM
Definitely a trend. Time to go fishing with a better net ;)


 Thanks to Mint Social for such a kind writeup on my presentation last week in Phoenix, AZ. I hope you enjoy it and find some good Google plus tips for your business
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