Thursday, September 14, 2017

Matthew O’Brien Presents with Google Sharing Insider Tips for AMP and AdWords

Google’s Agency Development Manager, Richard Rondon and Mint Social’s Matthew O’Brien will reveal insider tips to supercharge you’re approach to AMP and AdWords. Don’t forget to secure your seat before it’s too late!

Topic 1: Google AMP

In a mobile-first world, speed is very important. Google reports:

  • 75% of mobile sites take 10+ seconds to load

  • 53% of mobile site visitors leave after 3 seconds of load time

  • 2x more mobile ad revenue for sites that load in 5 seconds 19 seconds

Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) was launched to prevent poor mobile experiences by making load times faster and to overcome UX pitfalls. Translation: better mobile experiences keep your visitors and customers from bouncing and your business from losing revenue.

Topic 2: Google AdWords

Whether you are already running AdWords campaigns or thinking about starting a campaign, you’ll discover:

  • How businesses and agencies can maximize ROI

  • Secrets to reduce costs

  • How to achieve strategic goals on AdWords portfolios

Key Presentation Takeaways:

  1. An understanding of whether Google AMP right is right for your business

  2. How to grow online sales and leads with simple changes to your mobile strategy

  3. How to get a MAJOR competitive advantage with AdWords pay-per-click advertising

  4. How to use the Ted Williams “data science” approach for batting over 400% in your digital marketing.

  5. Research data and case studies on successes, trends and best practices from the best of the best

Secure your seat today!

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