Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mint Social Reviews from TopSEOs

The independent authority on Search vendors, topseos.com, has released their list of the ten best social media marketing companies in the online marketing industry naming Mint Social as the sixth best in the rankings for May 2013. Each month, the independent research team at topseos.com performs a meticulous evaluation of online marketing agencies which offer social media management services. The rankings which are released each month are provided to businesses looking for services to manage and maintain their social media accounts and channels.

Mint Social is a social media marketing companies catering to businesses interested in improving their branding and online marketing initiatives through social media channels and content marketing strategies. Services are provided with a focus on an ROI model to help businesses see quick results. Strategies focus on creating an online community through social media in order to increase brand awareness while improving traffic to the websites of their clients.

An independent research team spends time evaluating and ranking the best social media management companies each month. The process for evaluating social media management companies involves the use of a set of evaluation criteria consisting of five areas of evaluation. The five areas used in order to benchmark and compare the top performing social media marketing companies include timeliness, brand management, consultation, methodology, and reach. Each of these five areas are inspected based on the service provided in order to determine the overall performance of competing agencies.In order to perform a more thorough evaluation of social media marketing agencies topseos.com also connects with client references. By obtaining opinions and experiences from the businesses which have used the evaluated social media marketing agencies topseos.com is able to more adequately compare the top performing social media services. Reports and results provided by the clients are inspected in order to validate the claims made by the social media marketing agencies being evaluated. Often times clients visit topseos.com directly to voice their opinions through commendations, complaints, and feedback left on company profiles.

Mint Social has been put through a meticulous evaluation of their social media marketing services. During the evaluation process the topseos.com independent research team identified key strengths and competitive advantages due to their unique strategies and capabilities for achieving success through social media. Those looking for a competent social media marketing company should consider Mint Social.

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